Diane Dewhurst

Diane Dewhurst


In a nutshell…. A house move from Auckland’s North Shore to a rural home in 2012,  gave me the opportunity to rethink my ideas of  ‘home styling.’  I wanted to create a home for my family that reflected personality, using muted colours and patterns that worked in harmony with the views from our windows. My plan was to create a stylish home with a comfortable, lived in feel. In a word ‘Homely’

The first dilemna’s was how to deal with the brown painted, panelled walls in our master bedroom, where feature wallpaper wasn’t an option.  After lots of internet research, head scratching and measuring, I settled on the idea of an oversized, feature headboard. Apart from being a stunning focal point, it was also practical,  somewhere comfortable to prop myself against when I was reading in bed or on my laptop and the perfect way to showcase a patterned fabric. 

Unable to find what I was looking for anywhere in NZ, a custom made headboard was the only option. Finished in a patterned fabric, with a bold design, I was delighted with the results. It was the perfect finishing touch to our bedroom, adding an extra layer of comfort and styling.  Although once in situ, I realised I should have taken the plunge and gone taller…

My partner Mark came to the rescue, with his background in furniture design and upholstery, he offered to help translate my ideas into eight  headboard designs. The Headboard Company is the result of his practical input, my ideas and a touch of European Boutique Hotel inspiration. 


“The more mass produced our homes, furnishings and electronics become, the greater the appeal of handcrafted products.”
                                                                                                                                                                Architectural Digest.